Carandell's JAZZ COLLECTION· 2018
RAYONNEMENT · Revue Semestrielle n.61· ASL Paris
TRIBUTE to ELVIRA GRÀCIA · Illustrations · 2017
JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH · Great patriarch of Music
From SCHÖNBERG to CAGE ·Strong Time· 2016
"Schönberg & Cage. The buttresses of twentieth century music"
Authors of twelve-tone and random music mid-twentieth century were the foundations of the upright and aligned buttresses of a new generation musical rhythm and unbridled
Collection History of Music ·25th Anniversary·
1989 · 2014
"Conclusion resulting from one period represented and captained by illustrious authors in their genre, invite all to be free, to awaken in this great timeless paradigm that is the music projected into the infinite sojourn of creation"