The classical world had discovered the real secret of why humans possess the mastery of the different artistic languages and therefore the ability to create, thanks to the nine Muses, daughters of nine nights of love between Zeus and Mnemosyne (meadow of the memory). After birth, the young muse began its journey traveling, and crept to mortals, transmitting to his ear, his mind, little flashes of a language previously reserved only for gods. Poetry, painting, even music began to unfold amongst men, as extraordinary manifestations appear from nowhere. Perhaps that is why Boethius in the early s. VI (BC) said that the music made by humans was only a crude imitation of two models of reach... the music of the spheres, which makes the universe in perfect motion, and music human, the same areas but in our body. Humans, in our imperfection, we are not able to feel either. But Boethius was wrong! Some lucky if they have been able to perceive the music of the spheres and Joan Carandell is one of them. Possessor of a very special privilege, aware of the human limitation: the words are insufficient and only his painting is what allows you to share this revelation. Among the sounds of the spheres are the greatest musicians in history - as Bach, Beethoven, R. Strauss, Mahler... - and his works reflect this long. Personal painting fashion that avoids or traditional settings and looking at the sound of the spheres, the harmony of the worlds, its true essence.

Surveying his work remind you that we are small in front of a disturbing universe, infinite, unknown, cool colors, full of unintelligible messages, perhaps blinded by the voice of the muses of Parnes. But all is not lost to us. We are Carandell works as almost the only option we have to sense the sound of the music of the worlds through their eyes... We are clearly ahead of the real painting of the spheres.


Thanks, Joan, for revealing the secret.

Joan Vives
Musician and communicator